Recruitment Opportunity




Invitation to tender for the provision of continued guidance and practical support around Governance compliance.






South Dublin County Partnership is a local development organisation tackling

poverty and social exclusion in South Dublin County.

SDCP develop projects and services to support sustainable and vibrant.

Communities where people realise their potential and experience a high quality of life. SDCP works with over 100 local community groups under the SICAP programme, many of these groups are registered charities.


Tallaght Drug & Alcohol Task Force is at the forefront of an integrated response to the impact of substance misuse on local communities, families, and individuals in the Tallaght and Whitechurch area. TDATF was one of 14 Local Drugs Task Forces set up in 1997 to facilitate a more effective response to the issue of problematic drug use in communities.  The role of Local Drugs Task Forces as set out in the Governments current National Drugs Strategy (currently Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery 2017 – 2025) is to implement the National Drugs Strategy in the context of the needs of the regional/local area and strengthen community-based responses in partnership with the community, voluntary, statutory, and political sectors.



Tender Brief:

Tallaght Drug & Alcohol Task Force (TDATF) have since 2018, contracted support for their community drug services, in the following areas of work:

– The Governance Code

– Corporate Governance

– Compliance with charities regulator

– GDPR compliance


This value and impact of these supports were formally reviewed in 2022, with clear recommendations being made, highlighting outstanding support needs of TDATF projects, in 2023 and beyond.






The costs associated with ensuring that a high standard of governance is maintained, can be significant.  In addition, new regulations around the Governance Code and CRA, introduced in 2021 placed additional stress on our already struggling services.  Funding was / is limited and so too are staff resources and capacity of volunteers. In many cases these organisations feel challenged to attract new skilled board members.



It is envisaged that this work will involve:

  • Review of the recommendations made in the evaluation of Governance & GDPR Support to TDATF Funded Projects (2022)
  • Implement recommendations made in respect of each of the 8 organisations, with clear outcomes / targets to be achieved in 2023
  • Engage with key stakeholders to agree action plans that are supportive and achievable.
  • To consult with the TDATF Coordinator re progress and
  • At the end of the project, to make recommendations on the future requirements of our projects, in respect of governance supports.




We are seeking a qualified individual or organisation that can demonstrate competence and experience in the following:

  • Proven experience on similar projects
  • Experience of producing high quality research within a community development context
  • Experience around requirements of the Charities Regulator would be beneficial
  • Experience in managing complex multi stakeholder projects.
  • Delivering on projects within an agreed timeframe
  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality





2023– 2024: providing consistent supports over a 12-month period, for example April 2023 – April 2024.  We are open to having conversations with interested parties as to how such a timeframe can be meaningfully structured, maximising the resources and time over the duration of the project.




The person / or organisation will report to the TDATF Coordinator on a regular basis.


Tenders are requested from appropriately qualified and experienced individuals / organisations and should include all the following:

  • Details of qualifications and experience of all workers involved in project.
  • Details of previous work undertaken including relevant experience and knowledge.
  • Proposed process to meet the key objectives. This would include a breakdown of days or more likely hours committed to project with clear description of milestones with proposed dates including cost per day per consultant
  • Details of two referees
  • Details of any current or recent piece of work of a similar project.
  • Any other relevant information in support of proposal.
  • Rate per day per consultant
  • Tax Clearance
  • Indemnified Insurance



The decision to award this contract will be based on submissions received from those who fulfil the criteria under the headings above for ‘Candidate Specification’ and elements of ‘Submissions.’

Any potential conflict of interest and/or loyalty must be clearly stated in the submission.


A review group of TDATF will be responsible for the selection of the appropriate person for this task. This may include an interview and a presentation if deemed necessary for the selection of the best candidate. They will look closely at:



  • The candidate or organisation that best meets the candidate specification.
  • Overall quality and feasibility of the proposal.
  • Cost and value for money.
  • Skill, expertise, and experience of the consultant.
  • Ability to work within the required timeframe.
  • Ability to commit to delivering consistent supports over a 12-month period





Tenders should be priced inclusive of all service charges and VAT.

Proposal cost should be in the region of €7,000





Closing date for applications: 5pm on Monday March 27th, 2023

Applications by e-mail can be sent to: grace.hill@sdcpartnership.ie




For any queries please contact:

Grace Hill, Coordinator


c/o South Dublin County Partnership

Block 3, County Hall

Belgard Square North

Tallaght, D/24

Ph. 01 464 9303

Email: grace.hill@sdcpartnership.ie


Web: https://www.tallaghtdatf.ie/

f: https://www.facebook.com/tallaghtdrugandalcoholtaskforce

Web: http://www.sdcpartnership.ie/