Thomas Gilson Education Support Fund, 2022

Very happy to announce that the Thomas Gilson Education Support Fund, 2022 –  is now OPEN!

Full details attached re: application process.  In summary:

Why does the Task Force have this grant?

  • The purpose of this Grant is to support service users based on the goals of Access, retention & progression in education.
  • This grant framework is developed based on these goals and the learning over the past years on educational needs, challenges, and outcomes individuals’ experience.
  • This annual education support fund operates in memory of the contribution of Thomas Gilson to the work and development of TDATF, and community drugs work more broadly, 1997 – 2020 (RIP).   Tommy was a strong advocate for community education and knew the difference it could make, particularly to people in recovery

What is it for?

  • This funding is available to people who are currently residing and or accessing drug specific services in the Tallaght Drug and Alcohol Task Force area.  This area comprises of Tallaght Dublin 24 and Whitechurch Dublin 14.
  • The fund is available from February 2022 and will be open until the grant allocation is expended/November 2022.

Who is it for?

  • Funding is available for people in recovery from alcohol and substance misuse who wish to explore or progress their education and or career prospects.
  • Depending on interest, a percentage of this fund may be available to family members who have been affected by addiction.

How do you access it?

An Expression of Interest Form must be completed and returned to us the first instance. This can be obtained by emailing Fiona Muroht at:


Criteria TDATF TG Ed support fund

Expression of Interest for TDATF TG Education Support Fund